Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

ENERGY Faced with the problems endured by local residents at the Groningen site, the Dutch government has decided to close the gates of this field seven years ahead of schedule.

On Friday, the Netherlands announced that it would end gas extraction from Europe’s largest gas field on October 1. This decision was taken by the government despite global concerns over energy supply caused by the war in Ukraine. Residents of the huge extraction site in the northern province of Groningen had been complaining of repeated earthquakes, the cause of which is attributed to the intensive exploitation of the soil since 1963. “The problems of the people of Groningen have not yet been resolved, and unfortunately the earthquakes are expected to continue for several years, but the source of their misfortune will be closed from October,” Hans Vijlbrief added in a statement.

Initially, in 2018, the Netherlands had announced its intention to close the operating site in 2030, due to the earthquakes and the protest of some local residents. Although gas extraction in the region has been reduced to almost nothing in recent years, the Dutch government has kept the site operational due to global energy uncertainties largely caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Eleven other units maintained for another year, just in case
Because of the “uncertain international situation” and in the event of an extremely cold winter, eleven remaining gas extraction units at the Groningen field are to remain operational for a further year, however, before definitive closure in October 2024, the government has announced.

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