Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Italian consumer associations are calling for a boycott of pasta sold in supermarkets, in protest at what they consider to be a disproportionate price rise.

Angry shoppers, ready to give up one of their favorite foods. This is what is currently happening in Italy, where a consumer association has called for a nationwide boycott of pasta sold in supermarkets for one week, from June 22 to 29.

A price “disproportionate to production costs
“The aim of the strike is to see if keeping pasta on the shelves will bring prices down,” explained Furio Truzzi, president of the Assoutenti association, quoted by Euronews, stressing that “the price of pasta is absolutely disproportionate to production costs”.

While food prices have been falling for some time, including wheat prices for the flour used to make pasta, the association denounces the “greed” of supermarkets and manufacturers.

Manufacturers defend themselves by claiming that they must also pass on the rising cost of energy, transport and wages.

A 12% increase in the shopping budget for families
Last April, the price of pasta in Italy was estimated to have risen by 17% year-on-year, noted an article in La Presse, which pointed out that the average Italian consumes 23 kg of pasta a year.

The Assoutenti association also noted that in some regions, pasta prices had risen by as much as 50% in Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna region. This prompted an emergency meeting of Council President Giorgia Meloni’s cabinet.

But only real-time monitoring of food prices was announced. Consumer associations are demanding more, hence the call for a pasta strike.

Assoutenti estimates that Italian families of four spend an average of 915 euros more per year on groceries, an increase of almost 12%, for a total of 7690 euros.

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