Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

New “massive” Russian attacks targeted Kiev and the Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Zaporijia on Monday night, according to military authorities, who reported no immediate casualties.

“New massive air attack on the capital”, wrote Kiev’s civil and military administration on its Telegram channel.
According to it, explosive drones attacked the city in waves from different directions. “There is no information about casualties or destruction at the moment,” it added, noting that the alert had lasted more than three hours.

28 drones shot down out of 30 launched
In Lviv (west), a “critical infrastructure” was hit by drones, wrote the head of the regional administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, on Telegram, without giving further details. No injuries were reported.

The Ukrainian General Staff later claimed that 28 drones had been shot down by Ukrainian air defense out of the 30 launched by Russian forces over Ukraine overnight.

The military administration of the southern city of Zaporijia reported that the city and its surroundings had been the target of a “massive attack” aimed at civilian targets. According to preliminary information from the General Staff, seven S-300 missiles were fired at Zaporizhia and its suburbs. “After a restless and noisy night, the situation in Zaporizhia is stable. Thank God there are no casualties and no residential buildings have been hit,” wrote the secretary of the city council, Anatoly Kurtev, on Telegram.

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