Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The Kantar BrandZ ranking of the world’s 100 most powerful brands for 2023 has just been published, with American companies maintaining their dominant positions.

The Kantar BrandZ 2023 ranking of the 100 most powerful brands highlights companies that have maintained their influence and value in the global marketplace. These leading brands have succeeded in standing out thanks to their innovation, global presence and ability to meet consumer needs in an ever-changing world.


The iconic Apple brand tops the rankings, asserting its dominance with a combination of technological innovation, high-end products and exceptional user experience. Apple continues to captivate consumers with products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac and related services.


Google maintains a solid position in second place. As the world’s leading search engine, Google is also a major player in online advertising, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and technological innovation.


Microsoft is gaining strength and moving up to third place thanks to its successful transformation focused on cloud, software and artificial intelligence. With products and services such as Windows, Office, Azure and Xbox, Microsoft continues to play an essential role in the world of technology.

E-commerce giant Amazon maintains a solid place in the top 10, with a global footprint and ongoing diversification of its activities. From online retailing to streaming services and artificial intelligence, Amazon continues to shape the future of commerce and customer experience.

McDonald’s maintains its position in the top 10 as the world’s most iconic fast-food brand. With its global presence and commitment to customer experience, McDonald’s continues to satisfy the appetites of consumers around the world.

As the world leader in electronic payments, Visa consolidates its position by offering secure and innovative payment solutions. The brand has become synonymous with trust and convenience in the world of financial transactions.

Chinese brand Tencent climbs the rankings to seventh place. With services such as WeChat, QQ and its strategic investments, Tencent plays a leading role in online technology, entertainment and communication.

The famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton rises to eighth place, representing elegance and prestige in the fashion and accessories industry. With its rich heritage and global presence, Louis Vuitton continues to be a symbol of status and style.

Mastercard maintains its position in the top 10 as a global leader in financial services. By offering innovative and secure payment solutions, Mastercard facilitates monetary transactions on a global scale.

The Coca-Cola soft drinks brand closes the top 10 with its enduring heritage and global recognition. As the universal symbol of refreshment, Coca-Cola continues to captivate consumers through its iconic products.

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