Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

For Ludovic Obraniak, the story of Neymar and PSG is over. The French capital must turn the page this summer.

This time, the divorce seems to be on the cards… Neymar, who arrived in Paris in 2017 for 222 million euros, could leave the capital this summer. Parisian decision-makers would like to get rid of him, while the player is reportedly listening to outside offers. He even offered his services to FC Barcelona, who kindly turned him down.

The former Santos prodigy’s departure would not displease Ludovic Obraniak. The former Lille man believes that PSG must do everything in their power to get rid of “Ney” this off-season.

« L’histoire est finie entre le PSG et Neymar »

It’s already been a while since the story between PSG and Neymar is over,” Obraniak told L’Equipe. Perhaps soccer is no longer his priority. And yet, he wants to continue with clubs that play the leading roles. What’s terrible for him is that PSG would be willing to loan him out to get rid of him, because he’s become persona non grata at PSG.

He continued: “Xavi at FC Barcelona doesn’t even want him, which is a terrible disappointment for a player who wants to return to FC Barcelona (…) I don’t believe in it anymore. It can’t go on, he’s constantly provoking the club. It’s not going to end well.

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