Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

As the former US president chose on Tuesday to plead not guilty in the case of illegal possession of classified documents, the “Grand Old Party” appears to be without a compass, teetering between denial, sectarian support and measured criticism.

A courthouse. A perimeter cordoned off by police. Dozens of cameras on the lookout for hours. Donald Trump in front of a judge, pleading not guilty, then released. This historic scene in Miami (Florida) on Tuesday June 13, already experienced in New York two months ago in another investigation, marks a decisive stage in the judicial torments surrounding the former president. A favorite in the Republican primaries, he has been indicted on federal charges of wilfully possessing national security documents, taken and concealed after he left the White House, and obstructing an investigation.

Having left the courtroom in the company of his personal assistant, Waltine Nauta, the other defendant, Donald Trump stopped off at Versailles, a famous Cuban restaurant in Miami, to greet his fans. A way for him to integrate the event into his campaign, as if nothing were to divert him from his race to the White House in 2024.

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